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We will never have earthquakes


by Ryan Lim Zi Yi, 2024

128 pages, offset printed
125 × 176 mm

ISBN 978-981-18-9782-5

This book consists of documented installation shots, images, and texts from ‘We will never have earthquakes,’ a series of works that explore discomfort and disruption within the process of change. These works revolve around personal, interpersonal, fictional, and non-fictional stories, presenting a collection of narratives about a headache that wouldn’t go away, a Youtuber’s analysis on the 1942 film Casablanca, a forum user arguing the purpose of the skirting board, various reports of tremors felt in Singapore and more. There is a hope to capture the different facets of change that emerge, unfold, and are realized within these seemingly banal moments and gestures of life.

This book contains seven chapters of works and texts produced by the artist from 2020 to 2024. Each of these seven chapters were presented as installations that were part of various exhibitions in spaces such as Starch, Objectifs, I_S_L_A_N_D_S, Carp Gallery and more.

All covers are deliberately stained with black soy ink.

Ryan Lim Zi Yi pursues an artistic process that is based on collecting moments of encounters and activities that occur within the public and private surroundings. By reconfiguring these moments, newly formed narratives, characters, compositions and situations are reevaluated and formed in his installation. These installations tend to comprise of images, moving images, sculpture and text. These works intend to invite people to meditate on our relationships and attitudes towards the inconspicuous areas of reality.