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Vanishing Workflows (2nd Ed.)


by Xavier Antin, 2019/2023

second edition of 600
co-published with NEUTRAL COLORS
48 pages, Risograph printed in different 3-colour combinations
208 × 290mm, softcover (side-stitched)

ISBN 978-4-909932-11-2

Following on an eponymous exhibition of work by French artist Xavier Antin at Aloft at Hermès, Singapore, this independent collaboration between the publisher and artist features photographs taken by designer Gideon Kong during several visits to the exhibition. Touching on current themes such as the speculative market of decentralised digital currency and the traditional idea of speed associated with technology, Antin sets up a delicate opposition at the crossroads of technology and nature. In a dialogue between Kong and Antin, he explains how he imagined the exhibition as a kind of ‘slowing’ space in the form of a garden; a type of nature reconstituted in a closed artificial space.

This second edition is co-published with NEUTRAL COLORS. There is a Japanese translation on the conversation, and the colours were re-interpreted with the risograph colours that is available at NEUTRAL COLORS.