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Street Report 2: Hooks & Holes


by Faiz Bin Zohri, 2022

edited by Street Report
designed by gideon-jamie

edition of 1000
80 pages, offset printed
126 × 176 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-981-18-4137-8

This second investigation in the Street Report series looks at the Sungei Road Thieves Market in Singapore, a place where an informal and fluid network of market vendors come together to sell an array of second-hand items. This work attempts to capture the vibrant spirit of the market by focusing on a very specific area of interest — the ‘system’ of hooks and holes found on the road surfaces where the market sits, one that both enables and governs the setup, organisation, and functioning of market stalls. This also reveals the behaviours and interactions between vendors and customers of this market that is no longer around.