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New Refuge


by Czar Kristoff, 2021

designed by Czar Kristoff and gideon-jamie

edition of 250
200 pages, Risograph printed in black
127 × 196mm, softcover (glue bound)

ISBN 978-981-18-3096-9

New Refuge was first released as a single edition publication as a work included in Czar Kristoff’s solo exhibition with the same title where the artist archived testing papers he gathered from a local school and office supply store. These papers contained scribbles and held traces of identity — imprints of people’s existences left hastily. The artist examined these imprints through a Xerox by continuously enlarging them, magnifying and focusing on the minute details for a more intimate view of the traces of self that were left behind.

Like how the artwork was produced, this second edition was ‘photocopied’ directly from the original one-edition copy using the Risograph. The only differences here are the newly designed covers and a smaller (cropped, not resized) format. Every book also has a different/random page sequence; each book can therefore still be considered a private correspondence as it was intended in the original work.