Temporary Press publishes books around art and design with an interest in ideas and practices exploring alternative or incidental notions of design. With limited resources, the press relies on economical design and production methods, often with a black-only Risograph and simple tools. Based in Singapore since 2018, Temporary Press is run by gideon-jamie and distributed internationally by Idea Books (ideabooks.nl). Contact us via email (temporarypress@gideon-jamie.com) or IG (@temporarypress

Microscopic Images (2nd Ed.)


by Loh Xiang Yun, 2024

edited and designed by gideon-jamie

edition of 500
61 pages, Risograph printed in black
198mm × 287mm, softcover (loose pages held together with binder clips and folded cover)

ISBN 978-981-18-1068-8

Microscopic Images is an artist publication by Loh Xiang Yun that extends from her work as a scientific botanical illustrator at Singapore Botanic Gardens, an activity she describes as problem-solving in nature and taps on processes and ways of thinking in design. This publication investigates and presents an early incidental part of that process by looking into her archive of microscopic images created for drafting botanical illustrations in scientific publications. The book includes an A3-size botanical drawing of a fictional plant by the artist based on a set of microscopic images selected by Temporary Press.