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Postcards from Another Mad Afternoon at Home


by Atelier HOKO, 2019

edition of 200
364 pages, Risograph printed in black and yellow
165 × 105mm, softcover (glue bound)

ISBN 978-981-14-1723-8

As part of Atelier HOKO’s ongoing research and explorations into what they refer as the ‘science of the secondary’ (the implicit conditions existing in our experiences of the everyday), they initiated a performative and instructional postcard activity that investigates our behaviours and interactions with the common door, window, and pipe in living spaces. A large selection of the postcard responses received by mail are put together in this postcard-size book as a collection of participatory notes and drawings to Atelier HOKO’s seemingly ridiculous instructions.

Founded by Alvin Ho and Clara Koh, Atelier HOKO is an independent research lab studying the growing disengagement between people, things, and space.